Bristol Woman Sheds 12 Stone To Turn Her Weight Around

Clare at her biggest, enjoying a bbq, with her friend Tracey, in September 2013 (Collect/PA Real Life)
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The 3 Week Diet

Bristol Woman Sheds 12 Stone To Turn Her Weight Around
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Here’s one of the more inspiring weight loss latest news we all can rally behind in- a woman decided to lose 12 stone in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle.

A Bristol woman who was forced to sleep in the lower floors of her house because she was so overweight has undergone a miraculous transformation. She was sleeping on her couch for 4 years until she decided it was time to lose weight.

Clare Sims couldn’t climb the stairs of her Bristol home. The 40-year old woman then decided to lose 12 stone and get back into shape. She was at her heaviest, weighing in at a massive 27 st, 10 lb. Clare wore size 32 shirts and dresses.

This Bristol woman one day discovered that she was unable to climb the flight of stairs leading to her bedroom. The only option was to sleep on the sofa with her husband Shane. The 37 year old spouse sometimes accompanies his wife by sleeping in the floor just right beside the couch.

Clare Sims then lowered her body weight in a fierce regimen of diet and exercise. The mother of four has gone on and shed an astounding 12 stone’s worth of excess body weight. She now fits and is comfortable wearing size 14 clothes.

Clare Sims said in an interview that she really struggled with her weight. She was unable to leave her home in Bristol during her heaviest time. Normal seats presented a huge problem. She was barely able to fit and sit on chairs that had sides. The lowest point was when she was finally restricted to the ground floor of her house, unable to climb the flight of stairs to the second floor.

Clare said her body ached all over, and she knew her health was failing her. In short, she reached rock bottom.

Then, instead of giving up, she decided to take the challenge of losing weight head on. Clare decided it was time to change. Doctors offered to put in a gastric band to control the obesity, but she declined. Clare said it was she who get herself into the mess, and it was high time that she climbed out of it.

Clare’s children

Clare’s children- namely Phoebe, 8 yrs old, Lily, 11 yrs old, Alex, 16 yrs old and Kayleigh, 18 yrs old are all happy about how their mother decided to shed off the extra stones. The mother of four confided that her weight problem started when she was in her 20’s.

She had been in a really difficult time in a relationship then. The only solace she had was food, and she ate huge servings to cope with the stress. On any given day, Clare was known to gorge on chocolate biscuits, bread and crisps. She did not eat anything healthy such as fruits or vegetables at all. Moreover, Clare was known to eat several fatty takeaways twice or more per week.

Clare admitted that she could put away an entire loaf of bread back in the days. She estimated that she was taking in more than 5,000 or 6,000 calories per day. The binge stress-related eating continued on until she broke the relationship and met her current husband Shane.

When Clare met Shane around 14 years ago, she weighed in at around 17 st 10 lbs. The problem really didn’t stop, because she continue to eat and gain weight. The Bristol resident mentioned that during her time with Shane, she continued to accumulate “happy weight” as her relationship continued. Her husband Shane never mentioned anything about the extra stone her size. Clare says that her husband is amazing and he accepted her as she was. But she didn’t start watching what she ate, partly due to the fact that she was happy and in a blissful relationship state.

Clare’s health took a dive in 2009. She was diagnosed with pneumonia, which then prompted the trigger for asthma. That started a back and forth trip to the hospital for a number of growing health concerns. Clare regularly went to appointments and battled one chest infection after another. She even had a dangerous asthma attack when she and her husband Shane were away on romantic vacation on the Bournemouth area. This happened in April of 2014.

Paramedics raced Clare to the Frenchay Hospital and promptly placed her in a coma state. She had to recover her health to less dangerous levels before being released. Clare then thought that she had been allowed a new lease in life. It was her chance to turn around and strive for a healthier lifestyle. The 40 year old woman said she was feeling really low before the asthma incident in Bournemouth. The illness was taking its toll on her health, and her size was affecting both her emotions and her self-confidence.

When she woke up after the coma she felt great. It was like she had been provided a second chance to live her life. Clare mentioned that she was on an exercise regimen before then, but it only lost her 2 stone so far. Clare said the doctors told her the asthma attack could have been fatal. This was all she needed to turn around and decide she’d had enough of her weight.

Clare joined the local Weight Watchers group after the incident to get a headstart in losing weight. With the support of her 4 children and her husband Shane, she started a slow but steady regimen to put away those stone she’d been carrying around for years. At the careful eye of her Weight Watch leader, the pounds started to melt.

Clare now measures 15 st and 10 lbs

She said the weight loss numbers fluctuated. In a week, she could lose only 1 pound, but the next she had shed 11. The Bristol resident remembered feeling a rush of exhilaration everytime she was measured and she knew she lost significant weight. Clare then joined a gym which she visited 3 times per week for a full body workout. The exercise consisted of weights, rowing machines, cycling and working on the treadmill. She changed her diet, swapping fatty snacks and takeaways for healthier home-cooked meals.

Clare now measures 15 st and 10 lbs, and her confidence is at an all-time high. She can now climb the stairs to her bedroom and do the things without worrying about her weight. She even plans to spend a day at the Alton Towers to enjoy some rides. She now shares her bed with loving husband Shane.

Clare says that anyone can shed weight if they do it a day at a time. She presented a challenge that if she was able to do it, then anyone can also do the same.

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