Improve Your Mood with Exercise

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Most people are well aware of the physiological benefits that result from exercise, such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, and body fat. Let alone the well-known increase in strength, mobility, balance and cardiovascular capacity which makes just about everything one does in daily life easier. But , all too often , an overlooked aspect is the benefits that exercise has on mental health, which is too bad, because doctors tend to be quick to prescribe anti-depressant medication when physical activity is one of the very best anti-depressants in existance.

What exactly causes this phenomenon? Simply put, exercising will promote the production of the body’s feel-good hormones, or endorphins, which are natural opiates that stimulate the brain into a relaxed and positive state. According to the Mayo Clinic, the discharge of endorphins through physical activity can be a powerful combatant to signs of mild depression. A demanding workout also provides an excellent outlet for stress, since exercise carries a calming impact on the mind and body once the activity is completed.

Now that you are aware of all of the wonderful things that happen within our bodies when we exercise, let’s not forget about the outside. Exercise, especially when done the right way , will enhance our appearance, which I don’t think too many people would argue, is as good of a mood booster as anything! Superficial as it may sound, many of us feel a lot better about ourselves if we look in the mirror and like what we see.

In most cases, a decline in appearance (usually on account of excess body fat), is the main motivator for embarking on some type of exercise regime . Results generally take three to four weeks to be visible, but once they do, you can be certain that person will have an extra skip in their step knowing that their hard work is beginning to pay off and their goal is becoming reality. In that respect alone, fitness is very rewarding.

If you want to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, or you already are but haven’t been   impressed with the progress, you might want to consider finding a personal trainer. An experienced fitness expert will design you a customized program taylored to your needs to help you reach your fitness goals and fully benefit from physical exercise. Body transformation and self-improvement is hard work but definitely worth the reward, however it can be discouraging if you don’t know what you’re doing. Inform yourself about personal training because the advantages of fitness are simply too good to pass up. Your body and mind will definitely thank you.

The 3 Week Diet


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