Low Carb Dieting – Basics

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Low carb dieting has been around for such a long time. Prehistoric men have survived eating wild animals after their hunt. Prehistoric men got their carbs from plants and berries. Rice, pasta, and potatoes of course did not exist then. Some tribal communities still love this way of a low carb diet which seem healthier.

Medical Doctors Who Advocate Low Carb Dieting For A Healthier Body

In the 19th century, keto style diets (a low carb dieting method) were standard ways to treat obesity and as early as the 1790²s. Dr. John Rollo treated soldiers who suffered from diabetes by placing them on low carb dieting method which was high in fats and proteins. Dr. Irwin Stillman wrote and published a book sensation about low carb dieting called ‘The Doctors Quick Weight Loss Diet’ in 1967.

And following this, Dr. Robert Atkins published his low carb dieting plan called ‘Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution’. His philosophy on dieting was not well-respected by his peers at the time when low fat diets were the craze and was a popular weight loss trend.

Fitness experts and bodybuilders have used the low carb dieting technique to get their bodies ripped and defined condition for contest preparation. A personal trainer NYC observes that it seems low carb dieting is being accepted and used by millions as a way to burn loads of bodyfat and at a great rate while never feeling deprived and hungry.

How Does Low Carb Dieting Work Its Magic?

So the basically how low carb dieting works is that is restricts the main energy source which is carbs and so the body taps into fat stores instead.

In a low carb dieting program it’s a must that we eat fats otherwise our bodies will tap into our protein stores. It also helps with recovery after training, maintains muscle mass, and keeps us satisfied in-between meals.

Low Carb Dieting Also Staves Off Sugar Cravings

Having a diet abundant in proteins and fats helps regulate our blood sugar levels. The more stable blood sugar levels are the better our curvy bodies will be at burning body fat. And finally we will stop the cycle of craving sugar. The low carb dieting method will also lower insulin production which is a fat storing hormone. Do not want to do this.

The focus is about consuming fats and proteins and eliminating the starchy carbs from your low carb dieting plan. You don’t really have to count calories in a low carb dieting program except make sure you DON’T OVEREAT SINCE YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT.

The 3 Week Diet


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