MMA News #24

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

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Tony Mendez Article

I want to put in a special mention for a guy some people have totally forgoten. Remember a guy by the name of Tony Mendez? Well for all of you young pups, Tony was probably the second best fighter (after Jack Burton) to ever fight in GAMMA and not win a title. He competed 4 times for a title, losing every time. Nevertherless he was a super entertaining fighter, which always put on a fight. Well, Tony apparently retired, was added to the GAMMA HOF ages ago. His previous manager let him go and he fried potatoes and burgers for a while before being picked up by his current manager Rodrigo Costa. Innitially he was suppose to be just a sparring partner for future champs, but after winning a couple of fights on the indy scene, he was given a new chance at The Real MMA Today Fight League and he has never looked back ever since! He has moved to SHW now and is currently ranked #6 in the world in his weight class! At 36 years of age, he is on a 16 fight winning streak since leaving GAMMA! Funniest of all? Before leaving GAMMA he lost 7 of his last 9. In fact the only person he beat was gatekeeper Robert Lindquist during that spell! When asked about a possible return to GAMMA to retire he said……………”yeah why not!” It will be great to see Hall of Famer Tony Mendez back to retire in the org which gave him his break.


Fidel Duberry v Kenichi Shirahama (265lbs Top contender fight)

Kenichi pulled off the biggest win in his career by beating Fidel Duberry in a huge upset. This was suppose to be Fidel’s “warm up” fight for a rematch with Simon Williams or Buster Grimes (in the title fight), however it all went totally wrong. Kenichi did take the predictable root though, which was always going to be the ground. What nobody expected was such a dominating display by Kenichi which not only pulled off the late 2nd round submission, he also dominated the first round as well. For Fidel it is back the the drawing board, for Kenichi he will be getting his top contender fight against Jt Colossus in their rematch.

Simon Williams v Buster Grimes (265lbs Title fight)

Simon Williams once again proved that his hands are loaded with lead. He came if firing bombs from the first second with almost 30 significant strikes landing in the first round in comparisson to just ONE from Buster! Not sure what the plan was for Buster, but it seemed that he was pretty much lost in this fight. It was a feat that he lasted until the end of the first round after getting cut early on. End result was predictable, an early KO win for Simon Williams. Buster will be getting his long desired rematch with Fidel Dubbery, where as Simon Williams is getting a massive super fight against top Heavyweight Arnie Ironz.

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Peter Cabreros v Doc Thomas

Peter is in his hunt for that title fight and once again in front of him will be another tough opponent in the form of Doc Thomas. Doc has been on great form since moving down from 185lbs, with a 4-1-1 record, but at 37 years of age, he is seriously considering retirement. He will make a decision depending on the result of the fight. Peter on the other hand would love to help Doc retire nice and early. Doc’s chin is made of iron, in fact he has never been KOed ever! Peter has been relying more on his power to win fights recently. Doc tends to get decision wins more often than not, so this probably will go the distance. I would put my money on Doc for this one, however Peter could come in with a more tactical approach. It should be pretty close.

Raz Matazz v Frank Sinatra 3

The trilogy will end this weekend between 2 of the best fighters ever to grace the GAMMA and world 185lbs division. Combined these 2 have a total of 94 GAMMA fights between them and this one will also put Raz Matazz into first place for total fights surpassing Jack Burton. Frank won the latest of their fights and has the moral advantage, he won that by a split decision. Raz however is on a nice little run since then, winning 3 of his last 4. Both previous fights were contravertial as Raz won his with a doctors stopage due to a cut. Both fighters would love to make a statement in this one and end this trilogy in style, however to be honest i see this one being another close fight with either fighter potentially winning it.

The 3 Week Diet


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