A Time to Heal

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal
By Rhonda Kitts

Step 1: Detox

Prior to beginning my journey back to healthy living, I was under the understanding that if I wasn’t feeling well, I needed to add something – maybe a medicine or if I preferred the natural route, perhaps a vitamin, herb, or even a new exercise program.

With thousands of products, services, and programs out there for general health, how do you know where to begin?

It might seem overwhelming, but your health journey can become your most exciting journey when done with the right intention and the right knowledge.

The Red Tea Detox

If we first and foremost understand that we are three components: the mind, the body, and the spirit. Each of these three components needs to be taken care of with proper health habits in order to feel our best as a whole.

Although sometimes we do need to add something, in a general sense, the first step in a healing journey is to detox. What exactly does that mean when broken down into our three aspects of mind, body, and spirit?

Detoxing the Mind

Our words, thoughts, and feelings contribute greatly to either a sense of well-being, or a stress-filled survival mode. If you find that your mind is not the most pleasant home to reside in, it might be time to think about your thoughts you are allowing in. Do you consistently have worried thoughts? Is your mind constantly analyzing situations? What might be wrong in situations in order to “fix” them?

The mind can be reprogrammed. It is called “neuroplasticity” which literally refers to the neurotransmitters as being malleable, reformable. It is not a quick fix and just like any other addiction, negative thought patterns give us a nice, although temporary, soothing effect. Understanding that the reprogramming process begins with difficulty and gets easier with time is important.

Detoxing the Body

Our bodies need assistance with this process and the most effective methods of detox are also the most ancient. There are great regimes out there for detoxing just about any organ you would like to focus on. All you need is Google and you’re well on your way.

My favorite way to detox is with reflexology. For me, all I need to do is take off my shoes and the reflexologist does the rest – and it feels wonderful! Reflexology consists of rubbing the foot and focusing on the reflex points of the foot, which correspond to the specific organs in our bodies. As a busy mom, entrepreneur, and business owner, I have limited down time and this is the most efficient way I have found to keep my body clean on the inside.

It is a very powerful form of detox and care should be taken to schedule your first session at a time when you can rest for a day or two after. I’ve had sessions where the detox was so strong that I was shaking on the table as the toxins were released from my organs back into my bloodstream. This was after many years on pharmaceutical medications and I have a genetic marker for detox missing, so my results were not typical.

If you want to really turn your health around for the better, I recommend monthly reflexology sessions as well as regular massage for overall body detox.

Detoxing the Spirit

First of all, let’s define what this means in a mind, body, spirit approach. What exactly is spirit? The mind, body spirit approach to health and wellness is not a religious view, but rather a holistic view of our whole being, including the body we see and the ethereal body most of us cannot see. Our spirit can also be identified as our aura or energy field and it extends anywhere from a few inches to several feet out from our physical bodies, depending on our spiritual health.

The first step to detox our energy field is to avoid situations and relationships where negative energy might be present. Negativity and arguments are very unhealthy for the energy body.

If you can imagine your energy body as a magnetic force, it becomes easier to understand the concept of picking up energy everywhere you go. You’ve heard the phrase, “You become who you hang around.” This is very true.

There are exercises that can be practiced to protect your energy field and breathing exercises and meditations that can be practiced to clean your aura. Grounding is also very important and there are exercises to help balance your energy as well.

I explain these processes in more detail in articles on my website http://www.rhondakitts.com if you are interested in exploring this further.

Check out my website at http://www.rhondakitts.com. Congratulations on beginning your beautiful journey of healing!

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The Red Tea Detox

The 3 Week Diet


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