Always Looking Over My Shoulder

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Hi, and thanks for at least checking out my weight loss story. I was a young person always looking over my shoulder because I knew that someone behind me was making fun of me because of my need to lose weight. Sure it was painful, but there was no way that I wanted people to see the pain inside of me, that was for sure, because then I would have to admit that the problem was ME and that I could do something about it.

After all, if I admitted that the problem was with ONLY ME, then it would be up to ME to change it, and I just was not ready for that burden to be put upon me at that time in my life. You see, being overweight is and can be very complex, in my opinion.

Overweight people who need to lose weight have feelings that are many times stronger than those who do not have a weight problem, and I say that simply because they are always on the “look out” for the next “jab” coming their way where someone is going to poke fun at their lack of weight loss. Sure, they roll with the punches and laugh at themselves to help things appear to be alright, when honestly, they are not.

For me, being a heavy 508 pounds was something that I never planned, but who does plan to get overweight at all? Really, NO ONE DOES. I mean, come on, I KNEW I needed to lose weight. It was not something I looked in the mirror everyday and said to myself that I needed to find out how to lose weight, but I still knew it. My clothes were always tight and then I would purchase a larger size. I was on a roller coaster that had no end to it. I felt the only stopping place was the early grave, and that concerned me.

I am starting to hold seminars to help overweight people who need to lose weight see that they are normal people who can accomplish their dreams of losing weight by explaining how a supplement of Hunger Be Gone and Fat Cell Reducer has helped me. I believe the key ingredient that overweight people are missing is the dream of being skinny! I believe things that are accomplished come by way of having a dream of the accomplishment and that simply means to know that their is a way, or a solution, to their weight loss problem. I used to battle the weight loss world, but today, I am enjoying the journey of knowing it is not only possible, but attainable.  

The 3 Week Diet


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