Carbohydrates Make You Fat

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Not many people know that up until the early 1930s it was common knowledge that carbohydrates make you fat. If we explore some of the medical advice given to people who needed to lose weight as far back as the middle ages we can see doctors prescribing a diet low in carbohydrates to help their patients Lose Weight.

There are plenty of examples of people being told to steer away from potatoes and anything made from flour. Nobody is quite sure exactly when it happened but perceived wisdom moved some time in the post war era to a conversation about calories in and calories out.

There was a shift from an understanding that some calories (carbs) were worse than others and some calories (those from protein and yes…fat) actually had very little to do with putting on weight. If you are a conspiracy theorist you will say that the debate moved because it suited the interests of big industry who were in the game of selling us carbohydrate rich meals, snack and sodas. Other will say that it was simply a function of post-war austerity.

Putting aside why it happened it is nonetheless a fascinating revelation and one that is yet to come back in to fashion, despite the best efforts of several well-read authors on the subject. Perhaps our minds are so conditioned to the understanding of calories that we wouldn’t be able to process such a radical new way of thinking, Even if it is, in fact, the way thinking went for centuries before the blip of the last few decades.

Those who really want to Lose Weight could do themselves a favour by looking in to this theory as it has considerable merit and could save them an awful lot of time on crazy celebrity diets or wasting a life pumping on the treadmill for hours upon hours.

The 3 Week Diet


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