Diet Short Bowel Syndrome

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Diet Short Bowel Syndrome

I know a few restrictions on what I shouldn’t eat, but what am I able to eat with IBS & an ulcer?

IBS is short for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I know some problem foods include chocolate, caffeine, sodas, dairy products and sugar free sweeteners, along with fatty foods. This is pretty much what my diet has consisted of these past few months and its been getting worse and worse. So now that I know what I can’t have, I am unsure of what I can have. If you have any advice or knowledge on this subject, please comment. Thank you!

I got crohn’s which is pretty similar so i know what its like to give up certain foods. Your safest bets are gluten free foods and lactose free foods. milk like soy and silk and lactacid are good for you, bottles of Ensure is excellent it gives you every thing your body needs and gives your digestive system a break. spicy foods would be a good thing to stay away from. steamed vegetebles are good to have, crackers and baked chips are also good to eat and turkey is a safe bet when it comes to meats. its good to cut back on soda but you dont have to give it up completley. best thing you can do is get a complete list from your doctor next time you see him or her.

Does anyone feed their cat a raw food diet? My girl has digestive problems(frequent diarrhea)?

She’s been to the vet a lot & she (the vet) doesn’t think the cat is seriously ill. She thinks it may be irritable bowel syndrome. Right now kitty is on Hills ID prescription food. She seems better on this food, but they say it should only be fed short term & she’s been on it 3 mos. Also, it contains a lot of bad ingredient including corn gluten & chicken bi-products YUK 🙁 My vet doesn’t seem at all knowledgeable about food. I’m planning on going to a holistic vet, but wanted to get input from members who feed the raw food diet. Thanks!

Try Eukenuba Response LB canned food. A freind of mine with a cat that had chronic diarrhea for 4 years tried everything – food and medication. Then she switched the cat food to Eukenuba Resonse LB and it cured the problem. Amazing. You may want to see if this works for your kitty.

Gano Excel Testimonial for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The 3 Week Diet


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