Half Marathon Training and Some Important Factors

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Running a marathon is a challenge. You must have to be well prepared to defeat your body’s ill feeling toward completing such a race. To do that, you must prepare your mind as well as your body. Most important is the mental stamina that you will increase over your 10 week marathon training period. It will be your most valuable time to become ready for the day. Ask on your own, why do I need 10 week marathon training or why do I want to do this?

Think deeply and you will find the driving inspiration; keeps this thinking in the forefront of your mind as you train for a half marathon. To achieve your goal, give yourself 10 week to build up to running 13.1 miles. Start by signing up for a half marathon that is about 2-3 months away. This will thrust your inspiration into high mechanism.

Before knowing about how to coach for a half marathon, keep in mind that you should be capable to go jogging for 30 minutes before you commence marathon training. While it is not necessary that you actually complete 13.1 miles, it is significant that you are capable to run at least 10 miles on your own. Come on that race day, the adrenaline will help drive you to run the extra 3.1 miles. You must eat healthful foods during training. A lot of protein rich, low fat foods collective with fruits, vegetables and whole grains will assist fuel your half marathon runs.

To train for a half marathon, your total mileage should boost by no more than 10% each week. For the 3 weeks prior to the race, complete a 10-12 mile run. These will be the best ever runs of your training and should serve as grounding for the 13.1 mile race. For the end week of training, taper off of your runs to permit your body to recover and be ready for the half marathon. Assuming your training schedule will last 10 weeks, use the following schedule as a principle.

For the week preceding to the big race it is vital that you follow firm guidelines and do not over-train yourself. Learn by heart to walk, not run, 2 miles two days before the race and to go at a measured pace during all of the runs you will do that week. Also, for the whole week of the race you will be focusing on loading your body with carbohydrates. When battle day comes, you will be loaded with fuel and prepared to govern the course.

The 3 Week Diet


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