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The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

In my continuing quest to find a variety of workouts that will motivate me to stay on track with my weight loss and fitness routine, I decided to Leslie Sansone’s walking workout routines. Leslie Sansone has over 75 in-home walking videos and she owns Studio Fitness in New Castle, Pennsylvania. This workout review is of her 1 and 2 mile workouts featured in her “Start Walking at Home” series, which I tried on exercise TV. I found them both easy to follow and energizing!

The simple act of walking has inherent health benefits for everyone. The American Heart Association (AHA) endorses a regular walking routine to prevent heart disease and claim that brisk walking for 30 minutes can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. If you like the idea of a walking routine to get or stay in shape, check out AHA’s “My Start” walking site, where you can sign up for newsletters, connect with “sole mates” that share your quest, plan a routine and track your miles from walking, as well as enter your daily food intake. Additionally, if you don’t have one, purchase a pedometer to track your steps during a walking program. You’ll find yourself taking the longer route when you have that step counter clipped to your waistband!.

Exercise Video Reviewed:

Start Walking at Home

Instructor: Leslie Sansone Exercise Level: Beginner to Mid-level Total Workout time: 20 minutes for the 1 mile, 30 minutes for the 2 mile (5 minutes warm up and cool down included) Equipment needed: Just your athletic shoes! Estimated calories burned (using Calorie Count’s Database): 130 – 1 mile/185- 2 mile

To purchase or see an example of the workout, go here. Start Walking at Home

Start Walking at Home Rating (1-5 stars, 5 is best)

*Easy to follow: 5 stars *Fun moves: 4 stars *Total body workout: 5 stars *Motivating: 5 stars *Music: 4 stars *You can alternate the 1 mile and 2 mile routine, based on how much time or energy you have that particular day.

What to Expect from the Start Walking at Home Workout

The Start Walking at Home routine involves just four easy, basic moves: stepping in place, side-steps, kicks and knee lifts. As you work your way through the routine, the pace picks up and the moves vary slightly, but there are never any moves that vary too far off the basic routine.

Leslie states that the goal in the routine is to keep up at a brisk pace. There is no need for special equipment or a workout mat. She offers the use of a chair for balance during the stretch, but I didn’t find that necessary. She adds arms and reminds us to stand tall and pull in the tummy on certain moves to strengthen the core, which provides an all over workout. I felt the burn in my legs, thighs and butt primarily.

Leslie recommends doing the 1 mile routine twice a day to get in your 30 minutes of cardio. Once you’re ready to tackle it all at once, the 2-mile routine gets your 30 minutes of exercise done for the day!

What I Liked About the Start Walking at Home Exercise Routine

I liked the fact that the exercise routine was simple. Instead of trying to figure out how to execute some complicated combo move, I was able to focus on my muscles, breathing and posture, and push a little harder when the pace picked up.

I liked Leslie’s style. She wasn’t irritatingly perky, yet she was a positive motivator.

Her walking exercise routine was easily to follow and she made a smooth transition when the moves changed.

It would be easy to intensify the workout by adding hand weights if desired.

You can alternate the 1 mile and 2 mile routine, based on how much time or energy you have that particular day.

What I Didn’t Like About the Start Walking at Home Workout

Honestly, I found very little to criticize about this workout routine. It isn’t glitzy or a new trendy routine, it doesn’t get you dancing disco moves like Cheryl Burke’s Abs Workout or teach you exotic moves like Flirty Girl workout, but so what?

Summary of Start Walking at Home as an Effective Exercise Routine

If you are looking for a good way to start an exercise routine, this is it. If you are looking for a daily workout that you won’t dread, here you go! And even better, because the routine is so basic and uncomplicated, you might be able to incorporate some of the moves into your walk outdoors or as you go about your daily routine! With this simple, enjoyable video available, there is no excuse not to start walking today!

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