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The 3 Week Diet

Because title says, GAMMA will be going to the next level and doing something TOTALLY non-traditional! We have been taking a look at the way the game is played and still have decided that we’ll have 3 stages of rise in GAMMA.

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New fighters begins off in one of our contenders organizations (Currently we’ve 2). These organizations will probably be geared towards younger fighters and may primarily recruit fighters aged 16 to 21. Fighters will remain in the contenders organization until they reach at the very least 3 1/2 stars average skills for primaries. We are going to still consider age when promoting a fighter though, so there wont be a case of a 20y old fighter getting promoted before his time. Promotion age stars no smaller than 22y.

Then fighters then enter what we will for the present time call “division 2”, that can run events mainly in Sin City (Possibly LA at the same time). Basically this is the division of highly skilled fighters, most of which are top level fighters. Fighters will continue to be here until they “break into” the very best dozen of GAMMA. Simply what does this exactly mean? Basically what this means is once every month you will see “promotions and relegation’s”, so these relegation’s wont happen immediately, they will be over a monthly basis.

Fighters which performed well will progress up for the main roster and those which would not, will move down from your parent organization. In GAMMA will compete the top 12 p4p ranking fighters for their division (155, 170, 185, 205, 265+) and the main organization is going to be fully geared towards one PPV each week. Fighters about the main roster will can get on average one fight every 30 days. Some exception for the promotion rule is going to be for young fighters who have not full-grown (mainly fighters under 25-26y). These fighters could remain in “Division 2” for a little longer to provide them additional time to produce.

This will give more meaning to fights in GAMMA, a number of losses uninterruptedly could quite easily mean you obtain relegated down to “division 2”. “Division 2” come in an easy method a prolonged section of GAMMA. They have the same news announcements, the org remains to be located in Vegas also to probably the most part runs within GAMMA. The only difference is always that with this org you’ve all of the top prospects or ex-elite guys, when it’s in GAMMA there is an Elite kick ass monsters.

The reason for these changes is specialization. Once when GAMMA had everyone for a passing fancy roster. The catch is, you can not really do this. Financially it does not make any sense at all because rookies or mid range fighters actually hurt the org when it boils down to PPV sales so it absolutely was costing us money to book these fighters. GAMMA is a huge PPV level organization for a while now, however our persistence to run 2 events a week filled with many highly trained, but relatively low p4p and hype level fighters was costing up dearly. Although we’ve got more than enough talent to own PPVs per week, we did not have enough top level talent to perform 2 such shows a week. Therefore we needed to sacrifice something.

I did not just need to get rid of a sizable area of Good and constant fighters though. I mean that doesn’t make any sense. They would like to be in GAMMA and i must have them here! Besides that, i didnrrrt want GAMMA to get just home of top 1000 p4p fighters, i wanted to give everyone a chance to have the organization.

Our starting point in your development was once we re-created our contenders orgs. This gave a much more even fighting ground for younger fighters. We still saw a serious issue though, because the step between fighting from your contender org, to fighting in a org for example GAMMA is actually massive! It scared the crap from fighters and managers (and rightly so) to join GAMMA. The degree of competition in GAMMA is fierce, almost all of our top 10 fighters in the division are managed by top 200 p4p managers, a lot of that have held top or #1 ranking. The rookies needed an “intermediate” stage to hone their skills.

We had another problem that is that we still need a sizable part of good reliable managers which cannot get a fight around the main card! This meant our lower ranking fighters were booked less than our higher ranking guys given that they are “worth” more towards the ratings. Many of such fighters are most likely never going to be Elite level guys, they are simply “good” not “great”. Many of them beat the people they need to beat and lose to people they need to lose. Even these guys wish to have fun though! In fact a lot of these fighters are in their prime and wish to battle regularly at the same time.

The answer was to make a GAMMA Division 2 (i will be renaming this to something saucier), which is the place where upcoming project fighters going to reach their prime get together with the previous school past it guys. Basically the GAMMA Battleground! (ok i do think i merely came up with the name!!!).

The biggest challenge would have been to obtain an appropriate manager or managers for this “Battleground” organization and that became easier than i thought. Your decision was obvious. I decided to go with Mega’s Alexandros (which ran the next incarnation of GAMMA: Contenders) and Eddie Newman (An upcoming manager from my LOD alliance) to become the owner and co-who owns the organization. We could combine people in staff down the road though. GAMMA will remain the main one man show they have always been, operated by the top Booker this game has seen (come on, man myself).

This article is sponsored by Nutritional Supplements.

The 3 Week Diet


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