Need Energy to Get Off the Couch? Get off the Couch

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

As I sit here the winter has my home in an icy grip. My greenhouse is frosted around the edges and the holidays are just winding down.  I went to work out this morning and – typically- it’s January and the health club was jam-packed.  I’m not so anxious though.  I know that 5 weeks from now the fairweather people will vanish again.  I question, how many individuals will surrender far too quickly, citing a lack of vitality as their explanation not to workout. If you consider that not having any energy is a cause to steer clear of work out, consider that if you started to exercise you might in fact find yourself with a lot more energy.  That’s not just me speaking either. Its true.

We generate energy as we burn fuel – commonly in the form of fats, sugars and proteins .  Sugar burns the most swiftly, protein lasts a little longer and the longest burning fuel is healthful fat.  It burns slowly, which must be why it’s so very tough to lose, but when we workout, the fats in our body recycle, but they don’t do it on their own.  Vitamin D recycles with fat, but what starts the Vitamin D to recycle is exercise. (just a note though, according to Dr OZ Brown Seaweed will help you burn belly fat)

Hard exercise prompts your vitamin D which in turn activates the hormone insulin, which activates your metabolism and then the Vitamin D recycles fat from your bloodstream to feed that furnace that was set up  by exercise in the first place and provides further fuel for more activity.

Its a pathway that is put into motion when you make that first step to get moving.  The more physical exercise you do, the more exercising you’ll be able to do (and want to do) and might I add, the more energetic you’ll feel?

Of course, you’ll also have some fat thatdoesn’t get burned and it will be recycled in your body in a number of different ways, so its a good idea to only consume the good fats.  Think of this, brain cells are primarily composed of fat and so are hormones.  With wholesome fats in your diet, your brain will be built of healthier fat and your hormones will be better balanced.  The same is true of cholesterol- good fats produce healthier cholesterol- bad fats don’t.

Everyone call fats the enemy and indeed some fats are very harmful for us, but I believe we’re seriously our own worst enemy when we cosy up too much to the couch, our remote controls and our preferred excuses. Íf you’d like a little more support in your desire to enjoy extra energy you might also want to increase your glutathione to support your new exercise program.

The 3 Week Diet


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