Skechers Faces Toning Shoe Lawsuits

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Skechers Shape-Ups are a wildly popular form of “rocker-bottom” toning shoes. The company claims the rounded soles of the shoes give the wearer an added workout while performing ordinary activities like walking. Unlike other rocker-bottom shoes which may only rock on the heel or the toe, Shape-Ups are heel-to-toe rockers. The soles of the shoes are curved upward at both the toe and the heel and are designed to mimic the feel of walking on sand on the beach. The shoes are easily distinguishable by their thick, strange soles.

There are hundreds of different varieties of Shape-Ups, including shoes for running, hiking and athletics; clogs and sandals; and shoes for work and casual settings. Part of the company’s advertising strategy is that Shape-Ups can be worn in any and all settings (the shoes are marketed for “walk”, “train”, “trail”, “run”, and “work”), and are marketed to busy people who don’t find time to devote to exercise.

Contrary to Skechers’ claims, studies show that the shoes do not in fact help people lose weight or improve their fitness level. Unassuming customers, lured by the promise of improving their fitness and losing weight, have been taken advantage of by the company and many now are reporting that they’ve experienced Skechers Shape-Ups hip fractures.

Millions of people in the U.S. have been duped by Skechers’ claims, and some are even experiencing injuries as a result of the shoes. Many people who may not have exercised much before have been drawn to these shoes. Roughly 90% of Shape-Ups are sold to women. Mothers and women who work in the service industry are among the prime audience for the shoes. Waitresses, hairdressers, nurses and childcare providers find the idea of getting a workout while going about their ordinary day appealing and are willing to pay the $100-$250 these shoes cost.

People who spend much of their time on their feet rightly should value good footwear. In the case of Shape-Ups, the price tag may not indicate high quality. Many consumers do not know that the shoes completely alter their natural stride, causing misalignment, poor balance and even Skechers Shape-Ups hip fractures, said David Davidson, national president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, in USA Today. He warns against wearing the shoes if you have pre-existing foot problems or a history of Achilles tendonitis. Podiatrists also note that wearing Shape-Ups regularly can cause underlying, undetected foot problems to flare up.

Despite numerous consumer complaints, Skechers maintains that the shoes are safe and that many people have lost weight as a result of wearing the shoes. Skechers does warn consumers to ease into use of the shoes, which reveals that the company knows the shoes do cause foot problems. Skechers has yet to produce data that support their claims that the shoes actually will improve fitness, reduce cellulite or lead to weight loss.

Meanwhile, podiatrists and other leading experts suggest Shape-Ups are more harmful than they are beneficial, leading to all sorts of Skechers Shape-Ups hip fractures. Lawsuits have begun to crop up from customers who claim they’ve been injured when wearing the shoes. No doubt consumers across the country are outraged to find that company’s marketing claims are false and that Shape-Ups are in fact dangerous.

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