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The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

The world population is exponentially being overweight day-by-day. Being overweight, people are frantically searching weight loss supplements.  This will not be right to say that all the weight loss pills do not work. In many people’s life, obesity has become a major concern and, therefore, they are searching for a proper solution to deal with this problem.  It is well known that obesity brings multifarious problem in one’s life, i.e. heart problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and many more problems and, therefore, there is need to search for help which will give a permanent solution.

How African Mango Plus Pill helps you:

African Mango Plus Pill is an extract of African Mango seed which is called (Dikka Nut).  What you should do is to take this diet pill two times/day before taking your meal. You need not be worried about any exercise or any diet program for loosing your weight, but you have to make a healthy diet habit. During the usage, you may face some dizziness owing to less consumption of food. This is due to the presence of natural fiber of African Mango Plus diet pill which suppresses your hunger to help your weight loss naturally. But, after a few days of its use, the dizziness goes away.

How it works?

Before using any supplement, it is first and foremost duty should be to find out how it works. Everybody, who wants to use should know clearly what is getting into your body. The composition and its effects are given below for your knowledge:

African Mango Extract: Because the prevalence of obesity throughout the world is significant, many people turn to the use of supplemental products as an assist with weight loss efforts. While there are several dietary supplements being marketed for the use in weight management via several different mechanisms of action, there is very little clinical evidence to support their use. Conjugated linoleic acid, pyruvate, and Irvingia gabonensis have shown significant potential benefit for weight loss fast.

Chromium: Chromium improves lean body mass and reduces body fat. However, despite the popularity of chromium for weight loss, the effects are small as compared to those of exercise and a well balanced diet.

Green Tea Leaf extract Green tea by its thermo genesis effect derived from caffeine reduces a pound/week of weight, i.e. an inch/week. Several studies have linked green tea consumption to a decreased risk of cancer and heart disease.  It is the naturally occurring chemical compound called polyphenels that are suspected of giving green tea its health benefits.  The main polyphenels in tea are catechins which include EGCG, the compound epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG seem to inhibit unhealthy cell growth and play a role in programmed cell death, both appear to be important in the prevention and control of cancer.  Other polyphenels are potent antioxidents and help prevent damage to healthy cells as well as preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol caused by free radicals.  These preventive functions seem to inhibit the formation of plaque in the arteries or atherosclerosis.

EGCG- Epigallocatechin gallate : Reports have shown that green tea extract is associated with increased weight loss due to diet-induced thermo genesis which is generally attributed to the catechin epigallocatechin gallate. There is multifarious benefits for using this amazing natural diet supplement.

What benefits you will get?

The major benefits are :

  • Permanent excess fat reduction in the thighs, belly and other problem areas in a very short period.
  • Increased energy to enjoy leisurely and active lifestyle
  • Rich source of fiber
  • Effective and beneficial suppressor
  • Puts a stop to excess fat
  • Healthier heart, arteries and blood vessels
  • Longevity and overall healt
  • Break the free radicals
  • Safe and permanent beauty secret
  • Cancer prevention

Before concluding, it is important to mention that the African Mango Plus Pill has made weight loss an easy way rather than to hard exercise for sweting and hectic diet program.  The benefit is long term and permanent.  It is also to be mentioned that you should also make a healthy eating habit. Lose weight with African Mango plus and enjoy the life.

The 3 Week Diet


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