The Secret That Most Women Who Successfully Lose Weight Love To Have

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Most people start a weight loss journey with all the best intensions. But deep down most think they will fail and as a result, most do. However with the right mix of support, training, and self awareness, you can succeed and find all sorts of new passions. Here are some real stories of women that have ignited new passions in their life thanks to losing some weight.

1. Becoming a Trainer

Many people start to lose weight and are amazed at how amazing it makes them feel. The new energy, the new self esteem changes the way they do everything. This is such a powerful feeling that they want to help others and they become trainers.

That was actually the biggest reason for me wanting to become a personal trainer. As I was training and seeing amazing results, I found that most women were not even remotely close to what really was needed for success. That was a big driving factor for me to help ensure that these women could spend their time doing things that would pay off for them.

2. Bikini and Figure Competitions

This can be so exhilarating for most women because standing in front of so many people in a bikini can sound crazy. However, once you start to get in great shape, you end up wanting to see how far you can go and this ends up interesting a lot of women.

Lots of women start with figure competitions as a way to push themselves. It’s an invigorating feeling something anybody can do.

3. Fitness and Running Events

There are so many great fitness challenges these days that are blast when you get enough in shape to really do them. Many women get really passionate about these eco runs, military obstacle courses and other types of running events.

It’s really a great addiction to have. As you continue to push your body to new levels of fitness and endurance, it’s really the best to see just how far you can really go. These are all passions that you might get into doing and all it really takes is losing that first 10 to 20 pounds.

The 3 Week Diet


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