VIP Group Announces A New Product: HeparD

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Fights alcohol dependency and alcohol withdrawal syndrome

HeparD provides a two-way action: fights alcohol dependency and precludes alcohol withdrawal syndrome. It contains a unique plant, called kudzu, used back in Ancient China to cure alcohol intoxication and dependency. Kudzu mitigates the effect of an alcohol-splitting ferment, due to which fact craving for alcohol ceases incessantly. Natural ingredients of this complex prevent oppressive state in cases of abstinence from alcohol, promoting muscular and emotional relaxation. Administration of HeparD before drinking alcohol will contribute to prevention of hangover effect.

The problem of alcoholism is urgent for millions of people all over the world. Alcoholism is a reason behind deteriorating health, lesion of liver, early death, growing number of crimes, injuries, and accidents, family disorders, lowering of social status, psychological disorders, and so on—down to total degradation of a person. So, what are the symptoms of the desease, and are there any chances to defeat this evil dependence?

Alcoholism is a progressive disease characterized by pathological dependence on ethanol. The disease develops in several stages. At the first stage there is a psychical dependence a person drinks trying to lift spirits, to relax, to raise self-confidence. Gradually, a person consumes more and more alcohol, and the second stage comes the stage of physical dependence, when a person drinks every day and with binges, forgetting about family, work, and affaires. Abstaining from
alcohol causes abstinent syndrome. At the third stage of alcoholism the total degradation of a person comes, accompanied by atrophic processes in the brain, alcoholic dementia, epileptic seizures, and involuntary urination.

It is the new product of Vision Company HeparD that will help to get rid of alcohol dependence and relieve hangover. This double effect is due to the “magic” of kudzu, a component of the supplement. Kudzu, a plant in the genus Pueraria had been used as far back as in ancient China as a remedy for alcoholism and hangover. Modern research show that kudzu contains isoflavones , which slow down the activity of the ferment breaking down the alcohol. This way, HeparD considerably reduces the need for alcohol. When taken regularly, HeparD’s biologically active agents accumulate in the organism, releave of pathological craving for alcohol and hangover syndrome. HeparD stabilizes arterial pressure, prevents arrhythmia, provides muscle and emotional relaxation. Its natural ingredients prevent depression, often accompanying abstinence from alcohol.

HeparD produces no side effects when taken together with alcohol. Taking HeparD before drinking, one can avoid hangover with such unpleasant symptoms as headache, dry mouth, nausea, thirst, tremor, dizziness, irritation, loss of appetite, feeling shattered, unpleasant feelings around the heart.

HeparD—good spirits every morning!

Main Functions

  • Have antibacterial properties;
  • Have antiviral action;
  • Improve overall body resistibility;
  • Boost energy;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Normalize metabolism;
  • Promote tissues’ regeneration;
  • Slow down ageing processes;
  • Provide an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Stabilize blood pressure.

KUDZU (PUERARIA LOBATA) – is traditionally used as  a  natural remedy for alcohol dependence, considerable reduction of craving for alcohol, and preventing hangover. Kudzu’s ability to reduce alcohol dependence has been proved by scientific research. Besides, kudzu contains phytoestrogen puerarin, whose antioxidant effect is 100 times stronger then that of Vitamin E. 

ST JOHN’S WORT – protects the liver, has an antidepressive, sedative, and cholagogic effect. If taken for a long time, St John’ wort can produce a firm disgust to alcohol.

HORSERADISH – facilitates bile outflow, clears the liver of toxins and alcohol decay products, helps to quickly sober up.

MILK THISTLE – prevents alcohol damage to the liver, blocs alcohol intoxication, helps to quickly remove alcohol decay products from the liver. Raises protective capability of the liver against infections and toxins. Used to treat hepatitis, cirrhosis, toxic lesions of the liver.

ZINC, MAGNESIUM, VITAMIN B6 – Zinc is effective in preventing some psychological disorders resulting from alcoholism. Magnesium and vitamin B6 stimulate production of energy in cells, raise psychological and physical stamina. Combined, these ingredients intensify metabolism and fight stress.

 VITAMIN С- is a powerful antioxidant. It normalizes oxidative-restorative processes, stimulates metabolism, tones you up

Target audience for HeparD:

  • Those, craving for alcohol;
  • Those, who want to reduce alcohol consumption;
  • Those, who want reduce frequency of alcohol consumption;
  • Those, who suffer from hangovers;
  • Those abstaining from alcohol in order to prevent slips and drinking bouts;
  • Those, experiencing “withdrawal syndrome”.

Additional Information

Recommendations for use
Recommended for adults to take 1 capsule twice per day during meals with water.

60 Capsules.

Keep at room temperature (not exceeding 250C) in a dry place out of reach of children.

Shelf Life
3 years.

Note: HeparD has been tested for safety and effectiveness.



The 3 Week Diet


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