Why Power Half Hour So Effectively Increases Your Body Metabolism

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

One of the most potent benefits of  getting into an exercise regimen is that you get the body changing help of higher metabolism.

What happens is basically the more exercise you do at the correct pace and exertion, the better and more efficient your body is at turning food into energy.  People who have a lower metabolism, seen often when people are less active, see what they eat turn to fat more easily.

People who have no history of working out or who haven’t worked out for years find great benefit in a high intensity workout regimen for short bursts. Actually this is more beneficial than the more common habit of long slow paced workouts.

Having the correct effort and exertion while you workout carries far more benefit than if you simply undergo moderate exercise at a consistent pace.  Keep in mind that raising the intensity during your workout is best done with proper instruciton. 

You must know when to do something, with what form, and for how long.

Guessing or inventing your own could have potentially harmful consequences in the form of injury, over exertion and perhaps burnout.

In my opinion a great way to go about doing a home workout for maximum results is through the Power Half Hour program from Beachbody.com. Power Half Hour gives you 30 days to test it out to measure results and if for any reason you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund. 

It is also about one third of the total cost of the more famous workout P90X with similar benefits and results.

Power Half Hour provides a structured 30 minute workout each day that emphasizes high-intensity to make sure you are raising your metabolism correctly for maximum benefit.

A high intensity 30 minute workout like Power Half Hour also more effectively reshapes your body than just a normal workout you repeat every day. 

Inside the Power Half Hour program, you utilize resistance bands, weights, body weight resistance, jump training using large muscle groups and a variety of full-body conditioning moves for maximum return. You get the additional benefit of knowing this a plan specifically engineered by trainer Tony Horton from P90X

Tony will make sure you have a structure that first maximizes results and second keeps you from getting bored.

The whole thing is lightning fast. The program ends in 60 days. You come away looking and feeling amazing.

Every day is a new way to work all the important muscle groups of your body with the right amount of intensity to make sure your body becomes a fat burning machine.

You jump in and before you know it, your workout is done. That’s the beauty of how Power Half Hour does things.   

The 3 Week Diet


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